My name is Jim Merriam. I'm a guitar teacher who's been teaching since 1991. I teach most styles of guitar, including rock, jazz, blues, funk, metal, classical, folk, and pop, both on electric and acoustic guitars, and bass guitar.
My modern method of guitar teaching involves a few basic principles:

1) It has to be fun. There's absolutely no reason to play music at all if you aren't enjoying it.

2) The student needs to learn efficiently. I don't like wasting a lot of time and money showing people songs or styles that they aren't interested in. I like to be friends with my students, to get to know them, and to adjust the lessons to their personal situation.

3) The student needs to learn the basics. Obviously a student won't get very far without understanding music and his or her instrument. This doesn't have to be boring though; my students learn what they need to know a bit at a time while also learning their favorite songs and putting the basic principles that they learn to practical use.

I offer the utmost in professional lessons. I've been teaching since 1991 in Canada and Germany, and have since then had hundreds of satisfied students who are now playing in bands, are teachers themselves, or are just enjoying playing music privately at home or with friends. Please feel free to look around my website and don't forget to check out my videos to see me and how I play! If you're interested in lessons, just call me or send me an email under "Contact" and I'll get right back to you. Also don't forget to check out my Facebook site by clicking the button at the top of this site.

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